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What's The Best Men's Face Cream?

Posted on February 24 2021

What's The Best Men's Face Cream?

What’s The Best Men’s Face Cream? 

Skincare has for a long time been considered a preserve of women. Times have changed though and beauty and personal grooming have become just as important for men as they have always been for women. Men have embraced and integrated the use of various cosmetic products into their skincare routines to improve their appearance and attractiveness. 

With the skin being delicate and highly sensitive, it is extremely important to use products that are safe and healthy for it. This is especially so for the face which is the most prominent and visible part of our bodies. It is for this reason that we at Sefoli Skincare have committed our efforts to creating the perfect men’s face cream that bears numerous dermatological and cosmetic benefits for men. Here are several properties that make Sefoli men’s face cream the best facial cream for men; 

Anti aging 

In perhaps one of the best anti-aging statements, Joseph Harris once said, “Just because I’m forty years old, it doesn’t mean I have to look like it.” Nothing could be more pithy yet so bold and profoundly liberating. Why succumb to the wear and tear of growing older when you can preserve the bloom of your youth and still get to keep the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age? 

The Sefoli face cream for men contains retinol and a range of other anti-aging superfoods including niacinamide and vitamins that help in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, sun and age spots. These ingredients are expertly blended together to give you essentially what is a wonderful elixir of youth. Want to be forever young? Sefoli men’s face cream is your answer. 

Hydrating properties 

Water has been proven to be one of the most important contributors to a smooth, healthy skin. Sometimes however there is a disparity between the rate at which we drink water and the rate at which we lose it through dehydration especially when exposed to hot temperatures. Our skins become cracked and dry and this hastens the aging process. 

The Sefoli men’s face cream helps to address this problem as it contains hyaluronic acid which greatly helps in keeping the skin hydrated. It holds 1000 times its weight in water on the skin. When combined with the other ingredients in the Sefoli face cream such as organic aloe and the olive and jojoba oils, your skin’s capacity to retain water is greatly increased hence allowing you to spot a radiant, youthful and well-moisturized face throughout the day. 

Fast absorbing and non-greasy 

No one enjoys having a slimy, gluey feeling on their skin after applying a cream or lotion on it. This is more so for the face which is very sensitive to any form of discomfort. Unfortunately, the skincare market is replete with such products. With Sefoli men’s face cream, you don’t have to worry about that again. 

The cream is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves your face feeling smooth and supple minus that off-putting greasiness. Sefoli men’s face cream is also devoid of synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens and sulfates that normally contribute to the greasiness and are in other ways harmful to the skin. For optimal results, apply on skin twice daily and incorporate use of sunscreen in the morning. 

Skin barrier for ultimate protection 

Industrialization has led to a rapid increase in the proportion of environmental pollutants in the atmosphere. Frequent exposure to these pollutants for extended periods of time greatly damages the skin causing cracking and dryness. A good men’s face cream therefore ought to have fortifying qualities that strengthen and offer a protective coat that can shield the skin from these pollutants. 

Sefoli men’s face cream contains niacinamide, vitamin E and amino acids that stimulate the production of keratin and collagen which greatly help in fortifying the skin. The two structural proteins create a skin barrier that blocks out the corrosive effects of the pollutants. Topical niacinamide helps in managing acne and eczema and its deficiency can result in skin disorders. 

Now, don’t you think a men’s face cream that contains such therapeutic and reparative ingredients is a must-have in your skincare routine? 

Safe for use 

Our products are FDA compliant and certified safe for use by third-parties such as Underwriter Laboratories and ISO. 

The Sefoli men’s face cream has been carefully and mindfully made to meet the modern man’s cosmetic and dermatological needs. Our mission remains to provide men with a safe, reliable and highly effective formula to keep their faces radiant, vitalized and youthful. Looking for that shine and luster on your face? Then look no more. Sefoli men’s face cream’s got you!