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Should Men Use Women's Cream for Face Aging?

Posted on March 20 2021

Should Men Use Women's Cream for Face Aging?

Despite what seems to be a common belief, men can and should take care of their facial skin just as women do. This includes cleansing, moisturizing, treating skin concerns, and wearing a daily SPF sunscreen to protect against future damage. Face cream for men can sometimes be difficult to come by, especially face cream made of high-quality, natural ingredients. If you’re looking for the best face cream for men, it’s time to stop borrowing from the women’s section and invest in an anti-aging face cream made just for men. The Sefoli face cream for men offers a host of benefits, deep nourishment and comes at a low price.


Are Men’s and Women’s Skin Textures Different?


While there are many biological differences between the two biological sexes, skin texture and skin concerns are consistent in many cases. However, it is true that men typically produce more oil on their facial skin than women do. Their higher testosterone production than women means that their pores are also larger. This combination of factors means that it’s likely that men get clogged pores more often.

 If a man shaves consistently, he may also run the risk of over-exfoliating his skin and therefore drying it out. Shaving may also include the application of shaving cream products and aftershave, which can further irritate and dry skin.

The pH levels in men’s and women’s skin are different, as well. This could account for the proclivity of women to have drier skin than men. It also means that the ingredients in the skincare products made for men and the skincare products made for women are different, as they target various concerns. Women’s products may have more fatty acids—glycerin or ceramides to counteract dry skin issues. Meanwhile, skin care products for men usually contain ingredients that counteract irritation and excess oil.

Men also usually have physically thicker skin than women’s, meaning it can withstand more physical or chemical exfoliation ingredients. Because men often shave regularly, their skin is already being exfoliated by the razor blades. This means their skin is able to withstand a higher concentration of anti-aging ingredients, like retinol.


What Should Men Look for in a Skincare Product?


Because of the differences between men’s and women’s skin, it’s essential to look for a few different ingredients when choosing face creams, face cleansers, and more. For anti-aging, it’s a good idea to invest in an eye cream that contains ingredients that will reduce the symptoms of age. Retinol is a powerful compound to look for. It increases cellular turnover, which reduces the look of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Caffeine is another good ingredient to look for in an anti-aging cream, as it brightens your under-eye area and can help reduce dark circles.

Regardless of sex, it’s important to look for skincare ingredients that are effective but natural. Sefoli’s Face Moisturizer for Men contains natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories proven to be effective against dehydrated skin and signs of age. It is also full of natural oils like jojoba and olive and plant-based ingredients like aloe. These ingredients are easily absorbed, meaning that the skin won’t get greasy or weighed down by the added moisture. This is especially important for men to keep in mind, as they produce more excess oil and sebum and don’t need the extra grease.


What Should Men Watch Out for When it Comes to Skincare?


You already know what to look for, but you should also know what to avoid. The ingredients you should avoid when it comes to skincare are sulfates, parabens, fragrances, and synthetic dyes. These non-natural ingredients can wear on or damage skin over time, so they are best to avoid.

Men’s skincare doesn’t have to be taboo, and they shouldn’t have to borrow from women to get quality products. Men typically have different skincare concerns that they should cater to, so it’s best to have separate products. That being said, men should have an idea of the products they actually need. Eye cream is essential for anyone who wants to reduce their age symptoms, and face cream applied twice daily is another way to fight aging. Proper moisturization will help improve the tone, elasticity, and texture of the skin. Pampering your skin with high-quality, effective, and natural ingredients is essential regardless of your biological sex. Visit for  Sefoli’s face moisturizer is a great face cream for men to get you started.