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How Do You Get Rid of Dark Spots Overnight?

Posted on April 11 2021

Get Rid of Dark Spots Overnight

Dark spots can give you an unsightly appearance which largely affects your confidence level. You can say hello to spotless skin when you stick to natural home remedies giving you results overnight.

Facts About Dark Spots

Not everyone develops age spots except for people age 50 and above. However, you should expect your skin to get them if you spend too much time in the sun. And dealing with dark spots on the face, arms and neck are frustrating. 

Sun exposure is the most common cause, but genetics, bad lifestyle, and hormonal changes may also contribute. People with excessive melanin content in their skin are more susceptible to dark spots as they develop the ability to absorb and trap UV rays. Besides sun exposure, you can also get dark spots from over-exfoliation, frequent skin waxing, and acne scars.

Even if you hide dark spots with concealers, this can only offer you a temporary solution. Your skin needs both vitamin C and vitamin D to initiate cellular repair while keeping it moisturized, thus helping your skin brighten up. Unlike natural home remedies which offer sufficient nutrients to give your skin a completely holistic approach to glowing skin, cosmetic products, and clinical procedures can cause you different skin issues from extensive dryness to frequent itching. 

Thankfully, all the ingredients for natural home remedies are readily available in your own kitchen. From these ingredients, you can make an overnight treatment solution to completely remove or at least reduce the appearance of dark spots on your face. 


Natural Home Remedies for Removing Age Spots



Turmeric is a popular tropical ingredient often used for skin renewal due to its powerful healing properties. Don't be surprised if this natural ingredient is considered essential for treating dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. It also aids in promoting good digestive health and reducing inflammation.

You can use turmeric as a face scrub. Just combine this with honey and lemon juice in a bowl. Let the ingredients sit for 5 minutes, and then apply the mixture on the affected areas for 15 minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Don't use this mixture if you have sensitive skin or fresh scars to avoid irritation.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for reducing visible scars and dark spots while helping your skin generate new cells. This valuable superfood possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which are scientifically proven to promote proper skin hydration and efficient nutrient absorption. Aside from keeping your skin naturally moisturized, aloe vera can also help restore your skin back to its original look. Aloe vera can be directly applied as a face pack, either in the form of a plant leaf or over-the-counter gel.


Papaya is a natural exfoliator that effectively prevents anti-aging while discouraging dryness and breakout. It gently removes the outer layers of the skin in order to generate new skin cells. Papaya is generally safe for all skin types, and its natural ingredients can leave your skin looking fresher and healthier.

For treating dark spots and acne scars, mash ripe papaya and gently rub it in a circular motion over the face. Once the papaya becomes dry, quickly rinse it off with warm water.


Yes, you heard it right. Tomato is a natural sunscreen that helps reduce eye puffiness and dark circles under your eyes due to extreme sun exposure. This essential fruit, which is considered a vegetable by nutritionists, is enriched with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant combating the free radicals on the skin while significantly improving the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients from all-organic skincare products and healthy foods. Lather a small amount of the tomato pulp and gently massage the skin in circular hand motion. If you don't have sensitive skin, you can add lemon juice to help expedite the skin lightening process.

Apple Cider Vinegar

As an effective facial cleanser, apple cider vinegar is great for reducing dark spots due to acne scars and pimple marks. Combine an equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar in a bowl and directly apply the mixture to the face. Add lemon juice to the mixture to help accelerate natural skin lightening. After rinsing it with lukewarm water, finish off the process with your favorite face cream or moisturizer. 

Buttermilk or Pure Milk

Buttermilk acts as a natural exfoliating agent as it contains lactic acid. Regular use can help make your skin hydrated and well-nourished. Use buttermilk directly on your dark spots and leave it for about 15 minutes before wrapping it up with your favorite night cream, toner, or moisturizer. You can add some lemon juice if you have oily skin or frequent acne breakout.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which can significantly help improve skin complexion, reduce the fine line and appearance of dark spots. You only need to add a few drops directly on your face and let this natural dark spot remover do wonders for you. Almond oil doesn't cause an adverse skin reaction so that it can be applied literally on any skin type.

To make natural home remedies more effective, consider adding face creams and moisturizers that only contain natural ingredients. Sefoli skincare products such as face cream for men, anti-aging creams, and moisturizers are absolutely hydrating. The ingredient list includes jojoba oil, retinol, olive oil, and essential vitamins proven tested in restoring your skin's moisture. If you combine this with your preferred at-home treatment, you can be sure to achieve great results the following morning. For other natural home remedies which can treat dark spots overnight, click here to learn more @