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How Can I Permanently Whiten My Skin Naturally?

Posted on May 03 2021

Permanently Whiten Your Skin Naturally

It is everyone's dream to achieve natural white skin. Many would pay extra attention to the kind of skin they have, especially in this generation of today. Some would even resort to things like buying different whitening products and consult a dermatologist for whitening treatments. But of course, these kinds of treatments are highly costly. Not all ordinary masses can afford to undergo such things. 

Aside from that, another primary concern of men is the skin type they have. Men's skin type is different from that of a woman. Their skin is much thicker, and some men have less sensitive skin than women's skin. Aside from that, they also have much oilier skin which becomes another consideration that they need to address well. With this, some of the usual products widely used by women are not as effective as it is for man's skin.

Must-Have Cosmetic Products for Men

Although women's and men's skin may differ, both genders still have the right to purchase facial products that they think would improve their overall physical appearance. Men may also choose different cosmetics which they can use that are widely available in the market. There are many cosmetic shops that offer cosmetics for men; they can visit for a wide variety of options.

  • Moisturizer - having a moisturizer is a must-have regardless of what gender you possess. Moisturizers can provide extra hydration to your skin to make it glow more naturally.
  • Face creams - Face cream for men is also a must-have; most of the face cream includes collagen, an active ingredient that helps reduce the occurrence of wrinkles, sunspots and can also minimize the drying of the skin.
  • Facial Scrub - It was mentioned earlier that men's skin is much oilier than a woman's. Having an oily skin can clog pores which can lead to the breakouts of acne. Facial scrubs or scrubbing foams contain a healthy medical mixture that kills different bacteria in a mildly abrasive base. With the use of facial scrub, it will remove dirt, other pollutants, and oils while minimizing the risk of infection and inflammation.
  • Aftershaves - Aftershaves are something that men should consider buying. This will help soothe the irritated skin in the face caused by shaving. It also minimizes vacant pores, and it reduces the accumulation of bacteria on the face. In choosing an aftershave, avoid choosing those that are alcohol-based because alcohol will have the tendency to dry the skin of the user.
  • Sunscreen - This is highly advisable if you are located in areas wherein you'll have too much sun exposure. Sunscreen can help avoid the harmful effects of sun exposure throughout the day. With the application of sunscreen, this can help reduce the occurrence of sunburns and the like.

All of the mentioned cosmetic products above can help achieve natural-looking whiter skin. However, in choosing what products to buy, such as aftershaves and face cream for men, men should put in mind that there are a lot of considerations they need to consider first before purchasing. Men should know that in order to achieve a permanent white skin, they have to understand that some products are not just suitable for them. Knowing what skin type you have and what products would suit you best will help decrease the chances of purchasing the wrong products. Knowing what's best for you will also help you save your own money for something else.

Skin Care Tips

Aside from men pampering themselves with all the cosmetic products available in the market, one should know that one of the key factors in achieving permanent whiten skin is good hygiene and an active lifestyle like fixing unhealthy sleeping habits and drinking more water. While paired with the proper diet, the like are other ways he can do to achieve the fair and glowing skin he wants. Here are some natural ways to improve the condition of your skin:

Wash Face Before Sleeping 

Many pollutants and other dirt are accumulated on the face during the day. It is your duty to get rid of them properly before going to sleep. This can help reduce your chances of acne breakouts. After washing, apply face cream for men or moisturizer to help hydrate your face even more. 

Schedule a Healthy Sleeping Pattern

Having enough sleep can help your skin go into repair and enter regeneration mode. Not getting a full eight hours of sleep will disrupt the skin healing process, which will cause the appearance of blemishes and would help decrease the occurrence of black circles under the eyes. Some studies also show that having poor sleep habits will tend to increase cortisol levels, which will then trigger the skin's sebaceous gland, which will further increase the production of oil.


Stick to your Skin Care Routine

Most often than not, men have the tendency to neglect their skincare routine because they believe that it takes a significant amount of time because they feel like having a skincare routine is a very long process. This should not be the case; a skincare routine does not need to belong. Regular men only need basic skincare routines that are easy and only need little time for them to apply,


All of the mentioned tips are the only basic ones, but you will eventually achieve that permanent white skin you dreamed of having with perseverance, patience, and consistency.