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Best Face Cream for Men with Oily Skin

Posted on March 17 2021

Best Face Cream for Men with Oily Skin

Although skincare has often been regarded as a topic of conversation that men are supposed to tune out of, that state of mind quickly becomes a thing of the past! Each day, more men are beginning to ask questions about how to take care of their skin, and we are here to support that conversation! Not only that, but we here at Sefoli are here to provide you newbie skincare folks with top-quality products for your skin! 

A popular branch of this conversation emerging lately is which face cream for men is best for oily skin. Here's the thing, with the skin on your face being the most sensitive (and most visible) on your entire body, it requires the use of products that are safe, gentle, and healthy for it. Gone are the days of using body soap for your face, gentlemen! Your skin deserves a face cream that will provide all of the nourishment it needs while treating the issues you are most concerned with, such as oily skin! 

Where Does Oily Skin Come From?


The best way to treat your oily skin is first to understand its origin. Oily skin can be the result of numerous circumstances. It can come from your gene pool, the current skincare products you're using, if you have dry skin, or your daily activities! Once you determine this, you can move forward in determining how to treat your oily skin.

You need to remember that your skin is supposed to have some oil that's natural and required for healthy, glowing skin! What you don't want is an excess of it because that can result in acne, blackheads, fine lines, and an overall unappealing appearance. We here at Sefoli created our face cream for men with this in mind, so you didn't have to think twice about it!

How Do I Treat My Oily Skin?


As we just mentioned, there are numerous reasons that your skin could be producing excessive amounts of oil. For some men, the reason is purely their genetics. For others, it's their current skincare routine, and for some, it's the environment that they live in. 

Regardless of the reason for your oily skin, the best way to restore your skin's natural, healthy balance is with a high-quality skincare routine. This routine should involve washing your face 2x/daily and using a face cream designed for oily skin after each wash. The face cream you use needs to include ingredients that will not only reduce oil production but restore your skin's balance and leave you with soft, supple skin without any greasy residue!

We also recommend using an additional under-eye cream since that area is particularly sensitive and often requires its own care. Sefoli has its own eye cream that pairs perfectly with our face cream for men. Learn more at


Why is Sefoli's Face Cream Best for My Oily Skin?


There are numerous reasons why Sefoli's face cream is the best face cream for men. Among those reasons are the quality and type of ingredients that we use in our face cream, the consistency of our face cream, and the overall safety of our face cream! 


What Ingredients are in Sefoli's Face Cream for Men


Our face cream for men was made using ingredients free of parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and sulfates that are known to be difficult for the skin to absorb. When your skin cannot absorb the moisture you are trying to add, it has to produce excess oil to keep the skin hydrated. Nobody wants that, and with Sefoli Skin Care, you won't have it!

Our face cream contains ingredients specifically designed to restore the skin's natural balance without compromising its integrity. Let's break that down. 


Non-Synthetic Fragrances:

Many face creams on the market today use synthetic fragrances because smell sells! We understand that, but we aren't willing to sacrifice our skin's health to increase our sales. Instead of using synthetic fragrances, our face cream uses all-natural sandalwood oil, an oil that your skin will love just as much as your smell receptors!



Our face cream for men also contains Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B-3 that aids in regulating the oil production in our skin, making it ideal for those with an oily skin type. 



One of the most critical ingredients in any skincare product, retinol, is made from Vitamin A and is a crucial element for your skin's overall health and functioning. Retinol goes deep beneath the surface layers of your skin to improve its elasticity and increase collagen production. 

The reason the production of collagen is impedingly critical to the health of your skin is that Collagen acts as a barrier between your skin and the natural (and unnatural) elements of the environment. When your skin is not producing the barrier that it should be, it will purposely overproduce the oil in your skin to act as an immediate barrier. Whereas that is quite innovative of our skin, it is not necessary or healthy! 


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for its skin-protecting qualities. It works with retinol to improve the skin's natural barrier to help protect it against free radicals in the air. 


Organic Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is naturally rich in vitamin A and Vitamin E, which, as you just learned, are what promotes the production of your skin's natural barrier. This oil is lightweight and easily absorbed by your skin. It's an all-natural moisturizer that will never leave your skin with a greasy texture or appearance, making it ideal for those with oily skin.


Organic Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is one of the unique ingredients in Sefoli's face cream for men. Unfortunately, this oil is often overlooked and underrated, but not by us! We knew that Jojoba oil would be a vital addition to our cream due to its natural ability to regulate sebum production in the skin. Sebum is a waxy substance that your body's sebaceous glands naturally produce. It consists of varying lipids and is critical to the overall health of your skin. 

However, if you're noticing excess oil on your skin, that means your body is likely producing an excess of sebum, which Jojoba oil is known to help regulate!

There are several other ingredients in our face cream for men that were incorporated to meet the average man's dermatological needs. Learn more at

What Makes the Consistency of Sefoli Face Cream Best for Oily Skin?


Sefoli's Face Cream is Fast Absorbing

Oily skin pairs best with a specific kind of face cream. You want a face cream that will be moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue behind, which nobody enjoys! Unfortunately, today's skincare market is heavily saturated with thick creams that take quite some time for your skin to absorb. This can irritate the skin and often leads to an increase in oil production to self-soothe! Sefoli's face cream completely eradicates this concern! Our skin cream was designed with ingredients that your skin can easily absorb, ensuring you don't leave the house with a layer of cream on your face that makes your skin look slimy and unappealing. 


Sefoli Skin Cream is Lightweight

Our face cream for men was designed to be thin, lightweight, and feel as though you are wearing none at all while still providing all of the moisture your skin needs twice per day! This face cream will not leave you feeling or looking oily but will still leave your skin feeling smoother than you knew our skin could feel!

What Makes Sefoli's Face Cream for Men Safe?


Product Safety

Sefoli's face cream for men is not only made using high-quality ingredients, but every ingredient in our product is FDA-approved. Our face cream was manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and determined to be safe for public use by third-party testers, such as Underwriter Laboratories. 

Sefoli created its face cream for men with the concerns of the average man today in mind. You want a face cream that will regulate oil production, provide moisture, and increase your skin's natural protection against the environment. Your skin was designed to be self-sufficient, but sometimes it needs a little help pending your genetics, your environment, and a slew of other outside factors! With Sefoli's face cream for men, you can rest assured knowing your skin is receiving all of the care it needs to be glowing and healthy!